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It’s Spring cleaning time!

Spring is here! Nicer weather, flowers blooming and days getting longer. Hard not to get excited about the Spring! With so much excitement after a gloomy winter, it’s the perfect time for a spring cleaning so you can fully enjoy your home. Below are our recommendations when it’s time for a spring cleaning.

Clean your windows inside and outside

After the gloomy days of winter, it’s time to bring the natural light in with the Spring and the best way to do it is by having clean windows. Water spots, pollen and dirt can obstruct views of your yard and the outside in general. You should arrange for your windows to be cleaned inside and out, especially with the pollen season upon us. Doing so will bring more light in your home and beautiful views of your yard. You should also have your window screens cleaned since they have accumulated dirt during the winter and now pollen from the early Spring.

Thoroughly dust your entire home

Charlotte does not get very cold weather, but you still need to run the heat during winter. Having your HVAC run for three months or so produces dust that accumulates in hard to reach places in your home like on top of ceiling fans, window casings, and tall furniture. Keeping up with dusting, especially at the beginning of the Spring will make your home look and feel super clean and keep allergens away.

Freshen up window treatment

Curtains and draperies don’t usually get dirty, but they do get dusty, especially after a long winter season when the heat has been on. Cleaning your curtains and draperies with an upholstery attachment is best to remove dust. TIP: to remove dust from sheer curtains, put your curtains in the dryer on low with a fabric-softener sheet.

Aerate your home

Early Springs in Charlotte are usually very pleasant with mild temperatures and sunny days. Open your windows and aerate your home. Rotate your bed mattress, swap your blankets with lighter ones, open your bathroom windows and bring in the fresh air to invigorate your home and freshen it up.

Clean under furniture and appliances

Spring cleaning is your opportunity to clean those hard to reach places where unwanted dirt accumulates – underneath appliances (stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer and dryer) and underneath furniture. This deep cleaning could be done at any time of the year, but in the spirit of freshening up your home, why not do it during your annual Spring cleaning.

Deep clean your kitchen

A change of season means a change of routine in the kitchen. Take this time to deep clean your kitchen including cleaning inside your kitchen cabinets and get it rid of what you don’t need anymore. Empty your fridge and freezer so you can deep clean them. You will be using a lot more fresh produce in your cooking in the Spring and Summer than you did in the Fall and Winter. Disinfecting the inside of your fridge and freezer will go a long way and you’ll like how clean your fridge is. You should also clean the coils behind your fridge, as well as the stove inside and out.

De-clutter your home

Spring is also a great time to declutter your home. Review what you need and don’t need anymore. A cluttered home can weigh on your moral and spirit and deplete your energy, whereas an organized home will give you plenty of energy. For tips on de-cluttering, read our blog on de-cluttering your home.

If you live in Charlotte and want to enjoy the Spring season without having to worry about your house cleaning, try our Spring cleaning service. Fabulous Cleaning Services provides outstanding house cleaning services in the Charlotte area, including Spring cleaning and deep house cleaning services. Call us today to schedule a time for a free estimate.


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