Home Cleaning Services

Professional Home Cleaning Services

Fabulous Cleaning Services is pleased to offer a comprehensive range of fine home cleaning services that can be tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements. We clean residences in high-end and luxury home communities across Charlotte, North Carolina and have several teams available to handle the demand for our services. Each team, composed of two maids, is fully autonomous and will bring everything needed to clean your home professionally including HEPA vacuum cleaners, clean microfiber cloths used specifically for your home, cleaning products and other items.  Our maids commute to our clients’ properties in company branded vehicles and wear company-approved work outfits. 

Our company-trained maids are simply the best in Charlotte.  They are punctual, reliable, hardworking, meticulous and respectful of our clients’ home. As Charlotte’s leading provider of fine home cleaning services, our goal is to earn our clients’ trust and business for years to come. A trusted home cleaning provider is a great ally to have so you can free yourself to do things that are more rewarding and leave the cleaning to us. 

What do our home cleaning services include?

Below is a list of what is included with our home cleaning services. Items to be cleaned can be added to this list as needed to meet your specific requirements. Additional requirements you may have will be discussed during our first meeting and implemented with your first home cleaning.  

Living & Family Room

  • Vacuum, mop & disinfect floors
  • Vacuum sofa & fluff up pillows
  • Dust & wipe ceiling fans
  • Clean glass doors (both sides)
  • Clean all door hardware
  • Dust & wipe furniture (top, sides and legs)
  • Dust lamp shades, fireplace, counters
  • Clean all mirrors
  • Remove spider webs (low & high corners)
  • Vacuum, mop & disinfect hallways and stairs
  • Vacuum carpeted areas & rugs (underneath rugs as well)
  • Dust & wipe windowsills
  • Clean baseboards

bedroom house cleaning services charlotte


  • Change linen & make bed (if applicable)
  • Vacuum carpeted areas & mop (hot towel) other surfaces
  • Dust & vacuum area rugs
  • Dust & wipe ceiling fans
  • Clean mirrors
  • Wipe & dust furniture (top, sides and legs)
  • Dust picture frames, hanging wall art & lamp shades
  • Dust windowsills
  • Clean baseboards
  • Dust all horizontal surfaces as needed
  • kitchen house cleaning services charlotte


  • Clean kitchen floors (vacuum & mop with hot towels)
  • Dust & vacuum area rug(s)
  • Clean & disinfect all counter top surfaces & back splash
  • Clean glass doors on both sides
  • Clean door hardware
  • Scrub, disinfect & shine kitchen sink & kitchen faucet
  • Clean exterior surface of appliances (stove, fridge, & dishwasher)
  • Clean stove hood
  • Clean inside & outside microwave
  • Clean/wipe all tables & chairs
  • Remove spider webs (low & high corners)
  • Dust & wipe ceiling fans
  • Clean & wipe kitchen cabinets & cabinet hardware
  • Clean/dust/wipe windowsills
  • Clean baseboards
  • Empty trash cans & dispose of trash in outdoor trash bins
  • Clean & disinfect electrical light switches
    bathroom house cleaning services


  • Clean & disinfect toilets
  • Clean & wipe vanity surfaces
  • Clean & wipe cabinets surface & hardware
  • Scrub, clean & shine sink & faucet
  • Clean tubs & shower surround walls. Scrub & shine valve
  • Clean all mirrors
  • Organize bathroom towels as needed
  • Vacuum, mop & disinfect (with a hot towel) bathroom floors
  • Remove spider webs (low & high corners)
  • Clean baseboards
  • Dust & clean windowsills
  • Empty trash cans & dispose of trash in outdoor bins
  • Types of Home Cleaning Services We Offer in Charlotte

    Fabulous Cleaning Services provides several types of home cleaning services including  weekly recurring cleanings, spring cleaning, eco-green cleaning and move-in cleanings. Our recurring home cleaning services are offered twice weekly, weekly or bi-weekly. Click on any of the icons below to learn more about the different types of cleaning services we offer. 

    Please note that Fabulous Cleaning Services does not offer monthly home cleaning services. In our professional opinion,  we believe that monthly cleanings will not be sufficient to maintain a home in its best possible condition.

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