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House Cleaning Tips – Getting Rid of Clutter

No matter how often you either clean your home or have a house cleaning service like Fabulous Cleaning Services in Charlotte clean it for you, if your home is cluttered and disorganized, there is really no amount of cleaning that will make it truly look and feel clean.

Fabulous Cleaning Service provides services to help you organize and de-clutter your home, but if you want to tackle that task on your own, below are a few tips that will get you started.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it’s time to de-clutter and organize your home. It’s a big task, especially if it hasn’t been done for a while. Like anything else in life, starting small and being consistent will yield results. As the saying goes: “a journey of a thousand miles starts with one single step”.

Commit to de-clutter

Take a deep breath and make a promise to yourself that you will see this through. To make the de-cluttering process a success, start with an area of your home that can easily be improved such as a drawer, a countertop, a desk…When choosing the first area to de-clutter, pick one that you have to deal with every day and that has been bothering you for a while. There is a strategy behind starting with a small area to de-clutter. Starting with small steps and experiencing positive results quickly and easily will motivate you to keep moving forward and de-clutter and organize other areas in your home.

Compounding daily efforts for maximum results

Clutter does not happen overnight. The same way, you shouldn’t expect to resolve all the clutter issues in your home in one day. It’s a process. You could use our house cleaning services to help you de-clutter and organize everything, or you could box up everything and store away. However, clutter is a result of bad habits and habits don’t change over night. So brace yourself and don’t expect an overnight miracle, but rather by compounding your efforts over time and by being patient, you will most likely achieve great results. Creating new habits, implementing new organizational methods and household routines for all the family will take a while to establish. There is not short cut. You must willing to working on this regularly until you win over clutter.

Plan out when and how often you will organize and de-clutter your home

Organizing and de-cluttering must be a regular activity. Set out times and make appointments with yourself to work on de-cluttering to make sure you stay on track. Just as you need house cleaning services on a regular basis to keep your home clean, you will need to work on de-cluttering your home regularly to achieve the results you want. You can’t develop a good routine or a good habit if you don’t do it often. Stick to schedule, even if it’s only 10 minutes a day. You will be surprised by how much you can accomplish by consistently de-cluttering your space 10 minutes a day. As you go along with your de-cluttering project, you can set aside more time to achieve more. As you see improvements, your motivation will heighten and soon your home will be clutter-free.

Convince, don’t force, your family members to join you on your mission

You don’t want to play the role of the “enforcer” in your home. Rather, you want allies. A family that works together to eliminate clutter is more likely to succeed than when family members are coerced to comply. Lead by example and prove by results.

To help you get started with your house cleaning and to help you de-clutter areas of your home, call Fabulous Cleaning Services to day. Not only do we provide excellent house cleaning services to Charlotte homeowners, we also provide additional services to help our clients so their home looks fresh, clean and organized.



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