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Charlotte Spring Cleaning Service

A spring cleaning service is an essential cleaning service that should be performed once a year even if your home is cleaned on a regular basis. In comparison to other weekly cleaning services, a spring cleaning service  is a deeper, more thorough type of cleaning that will refresh your home. Fabulous Cleaning Services is a Charlotte based provider of  fine house cleaning services with over 17 years of experience. We are proud to offer a variety of high quality house cleaning services including spring cleaning service.

The spring cleaning service we offer is a top to bottom, deep cleaning that covers all the main areas of a home. This is a very meticulous type of cleaning which goes beyond the recurring house cleaning services we offer and can be customized to meet your specific needs. We know you will be impressed the way our maids will clean your home with our spring cleaning service. It is our clients’ favorite type of cleaning.

What Does Our Spring Cleaning Service Include?

Our spring cleaning service is comprised of everything that is originally included in our house cleaning checklist:

Living & Family Room

  • Vacuum, mop & disinfect floors
  • Vacuum sofa & fluff up pillows
  • Dust & wipe ceiling fans
  • Clean glass doors (both sides)
  • Clean all door hardware
  • Dust & wipe furniture (top, sides and legs)
  • Dust lamp shades, fireplace, counters
  • Clean all mirrors
  • Remove spider webs (low & high corners)
  • Vacuum, mop & disinfect hallways and stairs
  • Vacuum carpeted areas & rugs (underneath rugs as well)
  • Dust & wipe windowsills
  • Clean baseboards


  • Change linen & make bed (if applicable)
  • Vacuum carpeted areas & mop (hot towel) other surfaces
  • Dust & vacuum area rugs
  • Dust & wipe ceiling fans
  • Clean mirrors
  • Wipe & dust furniture (top, sides and legs)
  • Dust picture frames, hanging wall art & lamp shades
  • Dust windowsills
  • Clean baseboards
  • Dust all horizontal surfaces as needed


  • Clean kitchen floors (vacuum & mop with hot towels)
  • Dust & vacuum area rug(s)
  • Clean & disinfect all counter top surfaces & back splash
  • Clean glass doors on both sides
  • Clean door hardware
  • Scrub, disinfect & shine kitchen sink & kitchen faucet
  • Clean exterior surface of appliances (stove, fridge, & dishwasher)
  • Clean stove hood
  • Clean inside & outside microwave
  • Clean/wipe all tables & chairs
  • Remove spider webs (low & high corners)
  • Dust & wipe ceiling fans
  • Clean & wipe kitchen cabinets & cabinet hardware
  • Clean/dust/wipe windowsills
  • Clean baseboards
  • Empty trash cans & dispose of trash in outdoor trash bins
  • Clean & disinfect electrical light switches


  • Clean & disinfect toilets
  • Clean & wipe vanity surfaces
  • Clean & wipe cabinets surface & hardware
  • Scrub, clean & shine sink & faucet
  • Clean tubs & shower surround walls. Scrub & shine valve
  • Clean all mirrors
  • Organize bathroom towels as needed
  • Vacuum, mop & disinfect (with a hot towel) bathroom floors
  • Remove spider webs (low & high corners)
  • Clean baseboards
  • Dust & clean windowsills
  • Empty trash cans & dispose of trash in outdoor bins

Plus, those Additional Services:

  • Cleaning window blinds
  • Cleaning all inside windows (we only clean inside windows and only those windows that are safely accessible)
  • Cleaning all trims, door frames, crown moldings, chair rails & baseboards
  • Vacuuming all A/C vents inside the home
  • Cleaning all cabinets top surfaces with Murphy oil soap to eliminate grease
  • Cleaning & vacuuming under all the furniture & beds
  • And, whatever additional items you would like us to clean for you.

A spring cleaning service is an indispensable yearly house cleaning service that will refresh your home so it is ready for the Summer and Fall seasons. If you live in the Charlotte area and are interested in our spring cleaning service, simply call us today or request a quote through our online form.  We do not quote prices over the phone. All estimates are done on-site and are free with no obligation. With all our house cleaning services, there is never a contract to sign of any kind.

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