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5 tips to organize your home

When you first moved into your home, it felt so spacious that you probably never envisioned having a problem with clutter. However, as the months went on and more things demanded your attention, staying organized may have gotten more challenging. The good news is that home organization is not as time-consuming as you might have imagined. According to Woman’s Day Magazine, the key to success is to create an organizational structure for each room in your home.


To keep mealtimes running smoothly, group each item in your kitchen according to its function. For example, one shelf can house boxes of cereal, another mixing bowls and necessities needed for baking, and a third bowls and cups. You can also cut back on meal preparation time by creating a center island devoted to the task. Installing a small pantry or a lazy Susan are other easy ways to stay organized.

Living Room

Like most modern households, you probably have a remote control for your television, stereo, DVD player, and other electronics in the living room. To avoid the clutter this can cause, place them into a wicker basket that matches the decor of the room. It’s also a good idea to keep at least one wastebasket in the living room. If storage space in this room is an issue, consider buying larger, more functional coffee tables with plenty of drawer space. Finally, make use of the space behind the furniture to keep blankets, pillows, and the dog’s toys hidden when not in use.


vertical storage tower in your bathroom frees up counter space and helps the bathroom appear cleaner and more organized. A thin, wall-mounted unit with small shelves to separate your family’s toiletries also helps everyone find what they need quickly. Some other easy organizational tips include adding cup holders to the inside of your medicine cabinet and a flip-down shelf that stays out of sight until it’s time to brush hair and apply make-up. Before you embark on your bathroom organization, throw away expired items or those no one has used for the past several months.


If you have young children, staying ahead of toy clutter can seem like a losing battle. The key is to teach your children early that everything they own belongs in a certain spot. If one toy box isn’t enough, you can either replace it with a larger one or help your kids decide which toys they can pass along to other children. For the teenagers and adults in your home, a matching storage container at the end of the bed comes in handy to keep personal belongings off the floor or find them quickly when needed.

Front Entrance

Also called the mudroom, the area just inside the front door is where most families drop papers from work and school, shoes, coats, and anything else they carried into the house or must remove. It’s easy to do and can be a hard habit to break, but consider this is the first area seen by guests to your home. Labeled shelves and cubbies near the door help to remind everyone to take a few extra seconds to put their belongings away properly. A coat rack that is visible just as your family enters can also have the same effect.

We hope this blog has provided you with some insights to help you with your home organization. If you live in the Charlotte NC area and need assistance with your house cleaning or organizing your home, call Fabulous Cleaning Services today

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