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Eco-friendly house cleaning in Charlotte

When the green movement came to fruition in the 70’s many individuals jumped aboard, recognizing the benefits of keeping the Earth clean and free of the negative effects of human practices; this mentality is applied throughout all aspects of their lives, even their home care. If you are a believer and practitioner of the green movement in North Carolina and you are loathe to see the toxicity that comes with the usage of environmentally dangerous household products or techniques, you may be wondering what other home cleaning services options are available to you and your home. Fabulous Cleaning Services, a reliable and well recommended cleaning service in NC, prides themselves on the use of eco-friendly products that benefit our environment and bring cleaner air to the homes and lives of their customers. Here are some ways that Fabulous Cleaning Services keeps your house clean the green way.

Limit Waste

In the true spirit of the green movement, Fabulous Cleaning Services makes it a priority to limit the amount of waste by not using the traditional products that create more mess than it cleans such as paper towels and other paper products. Instead, when requesting an all green home cleaning, this company make it a priority to incorporate re-usable products like micro fiber cloths which are proven to remove more dust and germs than the average cotton cloth. These products are used for a one home cleaning before they are washed and set for re-use. Not only do these methods keep the environment safe but they also clean your home more effectively.

Eco-Friendly Products

When selecting Fabulous Cleaning Services green package, the maids are required to use quality and eco-friendly products; all employees are provided with Clorox Green Works Products. Clorox Green works is a natural line of products created for domestic use. These natural products remove the foul chemical scents and environmental damages that come with using harsh chemical products. With the green house cleaning service, you no longer need to worry that these harsh chemical will be used in your home or negatively affect the environment.

Cleaner Air

If you are a home owner then you should be aware that the air that circulates inside of your home is significantly more polluted than the air outdoors because of the pesticides found in a large number of household products. Chemicals such as ammonia, and chlorine increase the risk of health issues like asthma, allergies and various other problems. To prevent this, employees of FCS take an eco-friendly approach to cleaning and equip their vacuums with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters that trap particles like pollen and dust and remove allergens from the air. With these green methods, FCS is able to decrease the amount of polluted air in your home.

Try this green home cleaning service if you care about your environment and want to have a clean home without the negative effects of harmful cleaning products. Fabulous Cleaning Service provides quality services that come well recommended by the people of Charlotte. Contact them now for a free quote on how you can improve your home.

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