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Our clients always know what to expect when our house maids show up at their door steps – top-notch maid cleaning services. In order to provide consistent, high-quality house cleaning services to our Charlotte clients, Fabulous Cleaning Services’ house maids adheres to strict quality standards implemented by the owner of the company. Read more about our cleaning services.

Professional house maids

At Fabulous Cleaning Services, we always provide top quality house cleaning services and we want our clients to be completely satisfied every time our house maids clean their home. The house maids who come to your home are not subcontractors – they are employees. Our clients can rest assure that when they hire Fabulous Cleaning Services, only highly trained house maids will clean their home. The owner of the company makes sure of that. This is our way to ensure that only the highest level quality services are provided to our clients.

The house maids at Fabulous Cleaning Services of Charlotte had to go through a rigorous screening and selection process that includes a criminal background check. Our house maids are evaluated based on several criteria including work ethics, integrity, aptitude and motivation. Only individuals who are capable, trainable, motivated and passionate about providing outstanding house cleaning services become house maids for our company. In other words, only the best and most motivated house maids will clean your home – no exception! All our house maids go through extensive training that lasts a minimum of two months before going on cleaning assignments alone or with a another maid. Our goal is for our clients to be completely satisfied with the services our house maids provide and we won’t settle for less.

We take great pride in our work and in our industry. We have worked hard to establish ourselves as Charlotte’s top quality house cleaning company and we go through great length to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with the level of service they receive from our house maids.

Once you have made the decision to hire Fabulous Cleaning Services to clean your home, two professional house maids will report to your home at the agreed upon time to provide the house cleaning services you requested. All our house maids use company vehicles that prominently and tastefully display our company logo, colors, name and contact information, so you will never have to wonder who just pulled in your driveway. Our company cars are well maintained, newer and always clean. For easy identification, all our house maids wear the same cleaning uniform – navy or black pants with a pink top (scrub). Upon arriving at your doorsteps, our house maids will remove their outdoor shoes and slip on a pair of rubber crocs that are only used indoor house cleaning services. We do so to avoid bringing dirt or allergens from the outside into your home and to protect your floors against scratching.

You won’t have to worry about supplying household cleaning products or house cleaning equipment when our house maids come to your home, unless you want us to use specific cleaning products. All Fabulous Cleaning Services house maids bring their own cleaning products and equipment to clean your home. Our house maids only use clean cotton and microfiber rags to clean and wipe surfaces in your home. They do not use paper towels in an effort to protect the environment and limit waste. We do not re-use dirty cloths and rags.  For each and every house cleaning services we provide, a new set of cleaned cloths and rags are used.

The vacuum cleaners our house maids use are equipped with special attachments to vacuum your hard floor surfaces like hardwood and tile floors. The attachments our house maids use will not scratch your floors and are rated safe for all surfaces. Our vacuum cleaners are also equipped with HEPA filters that collect allergens that may be present in your home. When mopping your tile, stone or vinyl floors, we only use fresh, hot towels. Regular mops and squeegees harvest bacteria. By only using clean towels, we won’t spread bacteria on your floors and we will leave your home smelling fabulously good. Our cleaning products smell fresh leaving your home smelling wonderful. We use Chlorox and Fabuloso to clean your home to disinfect and deodorize your home while killing surface bacteria and mold.

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Fabulous Cleaning Services provides trusted and reliable residential cleaning services to home owners in the Charlotte area who want detail-oriented and high quality cleaning services for their upscale home. 


Fabulous Cleaning Services is fully insured for your protection. There is no commitment to agree to and no contract to sign when deciding to use our fabulous house cleaning services. So go ahead and request your free quote today!

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