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Fabulous Cleaning Services provides professional and reliable residential cleaning services to homeowners who live in Charlotte and surrounding areas. Our professionally trained maids are trustworthy, attentive to details and respectful of our clients’ home, property and surroundings. As our clients learn firsthand about the quality of our cleaning services, we earn their full confidence and trust so they can relax and enjoy their free time with friends and family while our maids clean their home.

Even tough we follow a basic list of items to be cleaned for every room, our cleaning services are tailored to our clients unique needs. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all cleaning package. While standardized cleaning services might work for some homeowners, we believe that this business model simply will not satisfy the needs of our clients.  Our cleaning services are discreet, courteous, professional and detail-oriented. Our clients expect the best, and we deliver the best there is in home cleaning services in Charlotte.

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Living & Family Room Cleaning Service

As part of our cleaning services, our maids will clean common living areas to perfection so you can enjoy hanging out with your family and friends at home. Below is a list of what included with our living room and family room cleaning services:

» Vacuum, mop & disinfect floors
» Vacuum sofa & fluff up pillows
» Dust & wipe ceiling fans
» Clean glass doors (both sides)
» Clean all door hardware
» Dust & wipe furniture (top, sides and legs)
» Dust lamp shades, fireplace, counters
» Clean all mirrors
» Remove spider webs (low & high corners)
» Vacuum, mop & disinfect hallways and stairs
» Vacuum carpeted areas & rugs (underneath rugs as well)
» Dust & wipe windowsills
» Clean baseboards

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Bedroom Cleaning Service

With our cleaning services, our maids will get your bedrooms smelling fresh and looking fabulously clean so that you and your family can unwind from busy days without cleaning worries. Below is a list of what our bedroom cleaning service includes:

» Change linen & make bed (if applicable)
» Vacuum carpeted areas & mop (hot towel) other surfaces
» Dust & vacuum area rugs
» Dust & wipe ceiling fans
» Clean mirrors
» Wipe & dust furniture (top, sides and legs)
» Dust picture frames, hanging wall art & lamp shades
» Dust windowsills
» Clean baseboards
» Dust all horizontal surfaces as needed

kitchen house cleaning services charlotte

Kitchen Cleaning Service

The kitchen is the nerve center of any home. This is where great conversations take place, good food is shared and where the chef of the house gets to show (or prove) her/his skills. To ensure your kitchen is always in top condition, we clean the following items as part of our kitchen cleaning service:

» Clean kitchen floors (vacuum & mop with hot towels)
» Dust & vacuum area rug(s)
» Clean & disinfect all counter top surfaces & back splash
» Clean glass doors on both sides
» Clean door hardware
» Scrub, disinfect & shine kitchen sink & kitchen faucet
» Clean exterior surface of appliances (stove, fridge, & dishwasher)
» Clean stove hood
» Clean inside & outside microwave
» Clean/wipe all tables & chairs
» Remove spider webs (low & high corners)
» Dust & wipe ceiling fans
» Clean & wipe kitchen cabinets & cabinet hardware
» Clean/dust/wipe windowsills
» Clean baseboards
» Empty trash cans & dispose of trash in outdoor trash bins
» Clean & disinfect electrical light switches

bathroom house cleaning services

Bathroom Cleaning Service

As part of your cleaning services, we’ll take care of your bathrooms and scrub them so clean, you will never want to leave. Below is our bathroom cleaning service checklist.

» Clean & disinfect toilets
» Clean & wipe vanity surfaces
» Clean & wipe cabinets surface & hardware
» Scrub, clean & shine sink & faucet
» Clean tubs & shower surround walls. Scrub & shine valve
» Clean all mirrors
» Organize bathroom towels as needed
» Vacuum, mop & disinfect (with a hot towel) bathroom floors
» Remove spider webs (low & high corners)
» Clean baseboards
» Dust & clean windowsills
» Empty trash cans & dispose of trash in outdoor bins

Types of cleaning services offered

Fabulous Cleaning Services provides several types of cleaning services. Our most popular service is our recurring residential cleaning service which is offered twice weekly, weekly or bi-weekly. We also have a spring cleaning service, move in and move out cleaning service and a green house cleaning service.

Please note that Fabulous Cleaning Services does not offer monthly residential cleaning services as we believe that monthly cleanings will not be sufficient to maintain your home in the best possible condition.

Requesting an estimate

All our residential cleaning services are customized to the needs of our clients in the Charlotte area. We understand that homeowners have distinct and specific cleaning requirements. We take the time to listen to our clients’ needs, and during our initial walk through of their home, we document what our clients want us to do and how they want us to do it.

When you choose to have Fabulous Cleaning Services provide you with an estimate, we will do a walk-through of your home with you, room by room, assessing your cleaning needs based on the information you share with us, as well as providing you with suggestions for your residential cleaning services. We pay close attention to details as our goal is to provide you with superior residential cleaning services for your complete satisfaction. At the end of our walk-through, we will provide you with your personalized estimate.

Take the decision today to free yourself from house cleaning chores and request your free, in-home estimate by click the “request a quote” button below or call us today at (704) 839-1241. Our in-home estimate will allow you to get acquainted with us and to learn more about our residential cleaning services. References are available upon request.

Fabulous Cleaning Services provides trusted and reliable residential cleaning services to home owners in the Charlotte area who want detail-oriented and high quality cleaning services for their upscale home. 


Fabulous Cleaning Services is fully insured for your protection. There is no commitment to agree to and no contract to sign when deciding to use our fabulous house cleaning services. So go ahead and request your free quote today!

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